UCLA Financial Policy

The UCLA Financial Policy effective November 30, 1996 follows. All units will be held accountable to these policies. As a reminder the campus should also be adhering to policy guidelines issued by the Office of the President in the form of Business and Finance Bulletins (BFB), the Accounting Manual (AM) , the Contract and Grant Manual, Personnel Manuals and other such guidance. System-wide policies can be located on the world wide web at the following address: http://www.ucop.edu/ucophome/coordrev/ucpolicies/. Campus departments can also access specific Office of Management and Budget Circulars governing grant and contract activity at this address.

Efforts are being undertaken in various responsible offices on campus to review policies in the existing UCLA Policy Manual to determine whether these sections can be rescinded, referenced to other existing policy or should be updated for campus use. Campus units will receive updates when determinations regarding the status of these policies are made.

Table of Contents

Principles of Financial Accountability

Principles of Financial Management Principles of Data Integrity Principles of Regulatory Compliance